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I am a mother of 4 and mother-in-law of one. I have 3 sons, 1 daughter and one son-in-law. I have been a member of the tagging/scrapping community for quite a few years now. I was known as LadyAnne for quite awhile, then Inzpired Dezignz. Though I had to change my name for circumstances beyond my control. We have 4 fur-babies, my gorgeous Golden Retriever, Maggie, A Siberian Husky named Juneau, A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Pippin (yes, from LOTR! He has a lot in common with his namesake!) and Shih Tzu named Duke...I know an 8 pound dog named Duke but he's my sons dog so... I also have one feathered baby, an Albino Love Bird. I love to create things! I am learning Photoshop and have been using Paint Shop Pro since it was version 5 (yeah, I know, back in the stone age! LOL!) Thanks for visiting!
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Raggedee Anne
John 3:16
Wednesday, November 4, 2009

postheadericon New Additions at ScrapMall

Elegant Golden Christmas

An elegant Christmas kit with rich colors of the season, Deep Red, Green and Gold with a hint of Creamy Ivory with Satin accents. There are a total of 121 pieces in this kit!!

This kit includes the following items:
3 Ribbon tied Candy Canes
6 Exotically Tied Bows
3 Satin Ribbon Wraps
3 Satin Bows
1 Beaded Swirl Accent
1 Beaded Wire Swirl
2 Beads on a string accents
3 Bling Swirl Accents
1 Bling Tree
3 Bows with Holly Accents
3 Gold Brads
1 Half-Eaten Candy Cane
1 Candy Cane Heart with Holly and Bow Accents
3 Poinsettia Blossoms with Leaves
3 Christmas Blossoms with Gold Accents
2 Satin Ribbon Wrapped Pine Wreathes
3 Crystal accented "Merry Christmas" Ribbons
1 Five-colored Bow with Pearl accents
8 Embossed Foil Medallions
2 Holly Accents
2 Ribboned Lace
2 Sets of Christmas Lights
3 Pearl Accented Bows
2 Pearl Accented Wraps
2 Pinned Eyelet Ribbon Bows
2 Poinsettias with Ribbon Accents
9 Ribbon Roses with Leaves
4 Bows on a String
4 Roses with Leaves
8 Ribbon Rose Clusters with Lace Accent
2 Folded Satchets
4 Ribbon Wraps
4 Satin Poinsettia Buds with Leaves
6 Satin Flowers-3 with Brad Centers & 3 with Ribbon Rose Centers
3 Satin Ribbons with intertwined Ribbon Roses
1 Swirl Angel Accent
1 Swirl Tree Accent
9 Papers/Backgrounds

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For my sons: Zachery and Aaron